Four seasons to get married

On the sea, we will amaze you in every season! Find out which one is right for you, according to the style of your wedding and the result you want to achieve.

Getting married in the summer

The benefit of spending the whole day outdoors, enjoying the sea and choosing to celebrate in fresh clothes and bright colors.


Getting married in the fall

Autumn is a wonderful time to get married at La Perla del Doge! It is the end of summer, of which it still retains the beautiful mild days, with shining sun and a sparkling and fragrant breeze coming from the sea. It is not a secondary choice and if you think that you run the risk of bad weather, think that even those who get married in the summer must think about plan B in case of rain.

Getting married in winter and at Christmas

In the elegant rooms of the Perla del Doge with large windows you will be captured by the romantic landscape of the sea in winter.


Getting married in the spring

Spring is the awakening of nature, an explosion of colors and scents! Your guests will be happy to celebrate your wedding in a mild climate.