A Thousand Years of History for the Most Important Day of Your Life

History tells us that the city of Bari was being besieged by the Moors when, on the 10th of August 1003, Pietro Orseolo II, the Doge of Venice called for help.

As the Venetian fleet was about to reach the city of Bari with its galleons, it paused in Molfetta, in the region of Apulia, near the "Terza cala" to organise their final attack. Orseolo found this place so charming and pleasant that he called it "La of Perla“; The Pearl. And today, in his honour, and after careful restoration, the "Perla del Doge” can be experienced again.

In an enchanting situation by the fascinating Adriatic Sea, this prestigious construction reflects the magic of Venice in the 18th century. With its spacious halls and high glass windows, it has a splendid atmosphere with fresco-decorated ceilings, valuable furnishings and installations, a terrace overlooking the sea; La Perla del Doge is where the noble values of tradition can be animated anew, and it has the ideal ambience with which to receive important guests.